Course curriculum

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    • Let's Make a Plan!

  3. 3
    • Investment Management 101

  4. 4
    • Dr. Phil's Financial Advice

    • Financial Pornography

    • What Matters Most

    • Your Vision

    • Your Values

    • Your Purpose

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    • Podcast Episodes

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    • Important Numbers

    • Download Important Numbers

Top 3 Skills

Create a compelling financial plan based on your vision, values, and purpose. Our free online course includes these 3 essential wealth building skills and much, much more.

  • Risk Management: What's Your Risk Number? Discover what's in your portfolio, how much risk you need, how much risk you have, and how much your portfolio gain or lose in the next 90 days.

  • Retirement Analysis: Discover your probability of success and learn how to "move the needle" in your retirement plan with a few key changes.

  • Think Like a CFP®: Learn how to connect your resources to What Matters Most . The key to a successful plan, as every Certified Financial Planner™ Professional knows, is how clearly the plan connects to your vision, values, and purpose.

Jim Munchbach, Financial Coach

Author of Make Your Money Count

Certified Financial Planner™

Jim Munchbach

Hi, I'm Jim Munchbach, CFP® Professional. I've been teaching Personal Finance at the Bauer College of Business at University of Houston for over a decade. Missional Money Financial Planning is based on the principles and process outlined in my books: Make Your Money Count, What Matters Most, and Allied for Success. The course features The Blueprint for Financial Success™. Missional Money Financial Planning is an online self-study self-paced course designed to help you create a compelling financial plan in 30 days. Subscribe to QuickStart Financial Planning to get updates and tutorial videos.