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    2. About Make Your Money Count

    1. Session 1: Make a Difference

    2. Session 2: Sacred Trust

    3. Session 3: Learn to Read Your Clients

    4. Session 4: On Purpose

    5. Session 5: The Blueprint for Financial Success

    6. Session 6: Respect Your DAD

    7. Session 7: Build a Dream House

    8. Session 8: Involve Everyone on Your Team

    1. Let's Make a Plan!

    1. Investment Management 101

    1. Dr. Phil's Financial Advice

    2. Financial Pornography

    3. What Matters Most

    4. Your Vision

    5. Your Values

    6. Your Purpose

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About this course

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Elements of Success

Creating a compelling financial plan based on your client's vision, values, and purpose is the main goal in our training in the Allied for Success Online Academy. The course features The Blueprint for Financial Success™ with Jim Munchbach, CFP®, CPCU®, CLU®, ChFC®

  • Learning To Think Like a CFP® When you learn how to connect your client's resources to What Matters Most . The key to a successful plan, as every Certified Financial Planner™ Professional knows, is how clearly the plan connects to your client's vision, values, and purpose.

  • Earning Trust in 5 Minutes - Learn the essential elements of trust and how your team can build trust levels so high that you will become your clients’ first choice for financial advice. - Learn the critical importance of each team member’s ability to trust others, on the team and with clients, in order to quickly move to the next level of success. - Learn to master the skills of building emotional connections in the first few minutes of your conversation during a Financial Review.

  • Learn to Read Your Clients - Learn to read your clients’ desires and goals. - Learn to tailor your approach to each individual for the most effective result**–** for them and you. - Learn to save time and lower the level of stress for you and your clients, while achieving far greater results as you master the skills of reading people.

  • Powered by Purpose - Learn how your own clear sense of purpose is the most important ingredient of all. - Learn to speak with true conviction about your role in a way that makes your clients trust you every time. - Learn the magic of a crisp, powerful, compelling purpose statement, and how to communicate your purpose clearly and consistently.

  • The Blueprint for Financial Success is a powerful tool to guide you and your clients through the planning process. - The Blueprint gives you confidence, keeps you on track so you stay focused on What Matters Most for your client. - The Blueprint gives your clients confidence in you because they see the big picture of the process and how you will use all their information.

  • Powerful Presentations Build Trust - Learn to communicate the technical elements of investing in a way that connects the dots to your clients’ dreams. - The concepts of Diversification, Asset Allocation, and Dollar-Cost-Averaging will become stimulating and informative for your clients and you’ll experience the exhilaration of being a valued expert to them. Learn to “put it all together” for your clients in a brilliant presentation using tools already approved. In this session, your team members will learn to master the following essential elements of a professional financial presentation: - Help clients have a good understanding of their current situation – a reality check. - Offer alternatives to bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be. - Communicate powerful scenarios that will prompt open discussion and buy-in by the clients as you help them connect the dots to what matters most. - Make recommendations for the overall success of the clients’ strategy.

Jim Munchbach, Financial Coach

Author of Make Your Money Count

Certified Financial Planner™ Jim Munchbach

Hi, I'm Jim Munchbach, CFP® Professional. I've been teaching Personal Finance at the Bauer College of Business at University of Houston for over a decade. Missional Money Financial Planning is based on the principles and process outlined in my books: Make Your Money Count, What Matters Most, and Allied for Success. The course features The Blueprint for Financial Success™.